KWI took part in the “Half Year Sales Meeting” which brought together the Group Leaders and International Sales Forces, this W.E., in Saarbrücken.

Moments of sharing experiences and exchanges between the different companies: SafBon Water Services Shanghai, SWT (USA), ItN (Germany), KWI International (Austria) and KWI France.

Presentations by each entity: State of sales and offers in progress, type of markets to be preferred according to the geographical area, new patents under development, etc.

Then a closing speech by Mr. HILLING Chang, Chairman of the Group.

Thanks to ItN (our host) for the logistical organization of this event and to everyone for its dynamism and willingness to progress. See you again in 6 months!

Sanitation of the future: From treatment to recycling

KWI France had the opportunity to express itself in the May 2018 edition of the magazine EIN (Water, Industry, Nuisances)
Mr. RICHARD, General Manager of KWI presents an alternative solution for the recycling of treated water: the 100% membrane!

An alternative vision:the 100% membrane?
Processes focused on activated sludge will certainly remain the majority but variants are developing. For two years now, the KWI group has been offering an innovative, robust and well-adapted solution for biological treatment with MBR: flat ceramic membranes (CFM System®). These ceramic ultrafiltration systems are increasingly used in urban wastewater treatment. In fact, their 0.2 μm cut-off capacity makes it possible to obtain a quality of treated water which is clearly superior to that obtained with conventional clarifiers and guarantees a total absence of MES at rejection, thus permitting reuse of treated water in some cases.

For Denis Richard, General Manager of KWI France, « these new ceramics flat membranes, patented by our sister company, ideally combine the robustness of sand filters and the quality of polymer membranes by offering a high resistance to chemicals, pressure and temperature changes “. Among the advantages of these membranes, an exceptional lifetime (20 years), robustness and flexibility in the face of process variations (temperature, pressure, chemical reagents), reduced consumption of reagents, and low costs operating. »

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KWI France closes the year on the sale of a 30th project !

An industrial Dairy-Cheese Group, already a KWI customer on other sites, has just ordered the renovation of its WWTP nearby Annecy(74). The Commercial KWI France team ended 2017 with a very good sales score.

Our company regularly carries out 25 to 30 new stations or optimizations per year. The staff of our small enterprise, 16 people currently, is expected to rise to 18 employees next year, to continue its momentum of growth.

A new page remains to be written: to do as well, or even better with our will to develop in the Maghreb, on the new year 2018 … To be continued!


Example of  a WWTP by KWI for a Diary industry – © KWI France

Very successful maintenance operation with scuba divers!

June, 2017, on a biological WWTP.

Two divers were scheduled to carry out work on a biological wastewater treatment plant, a job that took place under closely controlled conditions throughout the day.

The divers were prepared and equipped, and a cherry picker crane installed to lift them to the top of the biological treatment basin (measuring 6m in height and 9m in diameter), for a descent into the basin, under continuous control, of over 45 minutes. This delicate maintenance operation was supervised by KWI at the client’s site. The use of scuba divers is no ordinary operation. It requires very thorough prior preparation, and must be rigorously managed on the day itself.

This solution avoids the complete draining of the biological basin (of volume 300m3 in this case). As a result, the end-client makes considerable savings because there’s no need to re-establish the biomass used for treatment.