DAF pretreatment project for Taweelah SWRO

The DAF pretreatment project for the largest seawater desalination plant in history was awarded to KWI, one of subsidiaries of SafBon. As the inventor and leading manufacturer of DAF, KWI recently won the 2,500,000 t/d DAF pretreatment project. It is an honour for KWI to provide technology, engineering and equipment for the Taweelah desalination project in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

KWI DAF can solve the impact of seawater red tides and algae on RO membranes in the Middle East, which will help to extend the operating life of RO membranes and thus improve the return on investment of large desalination plants.

As the world leading DAF brand, KWI will provide reliable water quality assurance solution for desalination developers around the world, and jointly enhance the technology of desalination.

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